IT Development

To save time and money in your IT development, we have built software that you can plug into your existing systems to solve many of the most common corporate IT needs. We have designed these products to integrate quickly and easily into your systems. In addition, we manage bespoke IT projects to solve more complex challenges for companies in sectors from financial services to transport and logistic and many more.

Software development & consultancy

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Application Integration
  • Content Management

Off The Shelf Products

  • HR Portal
  • Community Portal
  • Test Optimisation
  • Project Governance
  • Transportation & Logistic Optimisation


Bespoke IT Development

We support our clients with bespoke IT projects including

Data Modelling & Data Management

Data Governance

Application Orchestration

Business Process Management

legacy Integration

Choice of delivery options

We offer three models of IT resourcing to suit your budget, deadlines and service expectation. Choose which option works best for the individual profile of your projects.


We can smart source and mobilise high-demand IT skills from an international pool of talent and integrate at your location

Near Site

Our resources are based in secure locations in Eastern Europe for an optimal balance between costs, an accessible location and comparable time zone


For lowest cost development by our team in India

IT Consultancy

We offer independent IT consultancy services that could help optimise the performance of your business from Data Science and Content Management to PMO and many other IT services.

Sector Expertise

We solve IT challenges including Digital Transformation, Enterprise Content Management and more for clients from systems integrators to financial service corporations. We offer deep expertise in specific sectors including:

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Transportation & Logistics

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Banking & Financial services

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Case Studies

Find out how we have delivered improved business performance and efficiencies for clients across sectors through technologies and capabilities including machine learning, IoT expertise, software deployment and more.

Need Consultation?

Our complete service offering from IT consultancy, software development through to training means that we are ideally equipped to solve your IT challenges. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.

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