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Migrating Ukraine Software Developers to UK

Migrating Ukraine Software Developers to UK

Currently the whole world is aghast looking at the condition of Ukraine amidst Russia’s military aggression towards it. The country is bleeding every day since the war broke out and that has completely destroyed it in all ways possible. Cities and cities are falling down each day. Economy has completely shattered and the brunt of the war is directly faced by Ukrainians including its workforce.


Ukraine has a very robust technological setup. For instance- Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-most-populous city and home to its thriving $6.8 billion tech sector, houses more than 500 tech companies, and the industry had grown more than 50% in two years. IT sector has always been a bright spot in the Ukrainian economy, garnering hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign investment while also providing high-paying jobs. Starting with the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the devastating Russian cyberattack known as NotPetya in 2017, and the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, it has defied the country’s problems. When Ukraine’s GDP fell by 4.4 percent in 2020, income from outsourced IT services in Ukraine increased by more than 20%. But due to the ongoing war, many tech companies have already evacuated their workers from Ukraine.


The future is uncertain for Ukrainians and it’s the responsibility of organizations around the world to come and help them in any way possible. Insight International has come up with a programme to help software developers of Ukraine to migrate them from Ukraine to United Kingdom by providing them work visa. The work visa will be provided them for the following job roles-

  • Full stack Developer
  • Automation Engineering
  • Google Cloud Developer
  • iOS and Android Developers
  • And many more…


Qualified Ukrainian nationals are eligible for this program that will allow them work visa in a stable and high earning country like UK. Insight International will help the eligible candidates in migration.


The process to register for the aforementioned program has been made really user friendly. Interested candidates just have to visit the website- www.insightinc.co.uk and register themselves for this program, that will ensure them a safer work environment in which they can thrive to become a thorough professional.



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