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Upskill your existing resources

Training and certification’ is one of the vertical of Insight International. The vision is to upskill people by certified professional mapping the Technology or process change of the market.  Our training framework is comprised of optimized and flexible costing model. Investing in IT skills training not only helps ensure you are equipped to meet the development needs of your business, but it also can help you retain talent.


We offer online and in person training that will maximize learning experience and minimize disruption to your business.

Training Offered In

Training is offered on high-end technologies topics including:

Objective of our training program

  • Competency based Leadership development
  • Reduce Operational Cost and increase the Productivity of the organization
  • Reduce ‘Time to Market’ of new product and services
  • Reduce Delivery Risk and improve Business Focus

Graduate Training

Establishing a Graduate Training Programme can be a cost-effective way to invest in the long-term IT skills needs of your business.

We can set up and run a Graduate Training Programme that:

  • Accommodates group sizes from just 4 or more participants
  • Tailored to the objectives of your business
  • Fully managed by us for complete peace of mind

Need Training?

Make sure your team benefits from the most effective and engaging trainers with expertise in the hottest IT topic and skills. Let us know how we can help.

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