Co-Create, Architect, and Scale your business with Salesforce platform.

When clients choose Salesforce, they are looking at ways to create quick impact. However, they also want solutions that scale and architecture that evolves, the way their business does.They are looking at partners that can translate their business strategy into practical solutions that are easy to use.

At Insights, we understand what clients need from their Salesforce implementations. With our heritage steeped in the Salesforce ecosystem, we understand Salesforce engagements like no one else.

We understand that clients often want to start small and scale fast.They require nimble teams and solutions that are well architected.

What we offer?

Our Salesforce implementation philosophy rests on 4 key tenets viz Robust design, Scalable architecture, cross-functional teams, and robust methodologies.

We deliver quality salesforce implementations quickly and in a cost-effective manner through our design-led approach. Our solid program management team, robust methodology, cross-functional pods, and full-stack developers ensure that we deliver a consistent quality of delivery for our programs.

We bring a program team with the expertise of 400+ Salesforce engagements to help you design and deliver great digital experiences.

Our Cloud Focus

We pride ourselves in keeping pace with Salesforce on their newer and emerging offerings. These include

  • Industry Cloud (Financial Service Cloud)
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Integration Cloud (Mulesoft)

Additionally, we possess solid expertise in core clouds like

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Salesforce platform (App Cloud, Lightning)
  • Heroku
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