Why choose us for Robotic Process Automation
We follow a platform and technology agnostic approach to automation that focuses on ensuring metrics improvement, savings, and ROI. We work with our clients to provide the following services:

Advisory Services


– Process and Platform Assessments

– Business Case Preparation

– Process Validations and Triage Services

– SoP Creation

– Automation Requirement Capture

Pilot and PoCs


– Proof of Concept Creation

– Rapid Prototyping

– RPA Pilot

– RPA Roadmap Creation

– Automation CoE Setup

RPA Delivery


– Automation Scripting

– Robot Training

– Testing

– Deployment

– Enhancements

– Project Management

Bot Support


– Level – 1 Support

– Level – 2 Support

– Bot Maintenance, Monitoring, Health Check, and Release Management

Supported by over 1000 RPA consultants and developers, our technology capability extends across our proprietary platform AssistEdge as well as leading third-party tools and platforms.
  1. Third-party platforms: We have implemented leading third-party platforms, including Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Ui Path and WorkFusion for our clients.
  2. AssistEdge: Our award-winning, proprietary, multi-functional RPA platform, implemented for over 150 clients worldwide.



With RPA Service Providers, you’re armed with process control at three levels:

Monitoring performance of an individual robot
Monitoring performance at the process level (e.g., AHT, time taken for each task)
Control tower capabilities for RPA-enabled process management, including remote start and stop for an individual robot
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