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Insight International (Parent organization of Insights Techhub) is dedicated to address the solution space of Customer Experience in UK and European market combined with cutting edge Technologies. Our Front-end service support team is located in UK and back-end team in Gurgaon, India.

The real challenges faced by contact centers are to keep its operations streamlined and make the process of handling calls efficient and smooth as a result,it improves operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, Quality of service and overall cost of operation. The functional components of the solution is describes as :

Single Agent Desktop

With the right tool, your agents can do their jobs effectively and efficiently while providing a personalized customer experience across every channel.

  • Unified Desktop

The single workspace is easy to navigate and provides a single omnichannel agent desktop to handle phone, email, chat, SMS, social media, and every type of communication.

The elegance and simplicity of the omnichannel agent desktop means agents can provide proactive, personalized service and deeper engagement with each customer, regardless of channel.

  • Omnichannel – Voice and All Digital Channels

Unified Desktop provides consistency for all interactions, voice and digital, through its Single Agent Desktop and enterprise-wide reporting and analytics. Beyond phone, email, and chat, every conceivable contact type is supported – whether it’s social channels, video,  AI / bots, co-browse. white mail, or manual tasks specific to your operations. All agent activity is measurable and optimized, while customers enjoy a true omnichannel experience with your brand no matter how they choose to contact you

  • Unified Digital Messaging

Enable effortless, continuous conversations across all messaging platforms with a single, persistent agent view.  Easily transfer, consult, and conference tasks across Web Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, TwitterDM, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more. Easily add new messaging platforms as your requirements change with a flexible messaging connector. Full business and operational reports on all messaging platforms enables easy comparison of skill and SLA data, providing actionable insights to power operational improvements.

  • Knowledge Management for Optimized CX

Knowledge management provides an easy way to collect, manage, and share knowledge for an improved Customer Experience (CX) on any channel across the enterprise. Organizations that collaborate and share information reap the benefits of an improved CX – one that includes accurate, consistent information and fast issue resolution.

Seamless Integration

  • Easily Add Integrations to Your Contact Center Solution

Insight  is proud to integrate with innovative third-party applications, partnering with industry leaders to unify and streamline mission-critical data. Together, we’re enriching customer information and making it accessible and actionable across the enterprise.

  • Seamless and Extensive Integrations

Insight can help you integrate multiple back-end systems simultaneously, enhancing their functionality with application screen pop, click-to-call, data exchange and more. Customer satisfaction and loyalty increase when customer issues are resolved more quickly and effectively.

  • CX Integration Across the Enterprise

Every organization has a different approach to customer care. Whether your business spans multiple geographies, has complex integrations, or requires a tailored approach, our flexible integration strategy enables organizations to integrate best-of-breed applications including open SaaS, on-premise and cloud applications.

  • Integrations for Better Agent and Customer Engagement

Empower agents to personalize, streamline, and improve the customer experience with a single desktop view and seamless integrations to any application, system, CRM or database. Insight integrations bring all your business applications together in an elegant desktop suite, extending functionality, increasing agent efficiency, and reducing customer effort

Reports and Analytics

  • Get Deeper Insights to Power New Conversations: Accurate data and meaningful customer journey analytics are critical to properly evaluate contact center success. Let Insight do the heavy lifting by delivering action-ready information about preferences, team and agent success, channel activity, and more.

The reporting package includes:

  • Meaningful Metrics and Analytics
  • Standard Key Performance Indicators for All Channels
  • Flexible Reporting for Performance Optimization
  • Data Extracts to Extend Value of Reporting Data

Customer Experience

  • Offers Your Customers Flexibility and Convenience

For customer engagement to foster brand loyalty and social accolades, it must be effortless and dynamic – with a human touch. It needs to provide true omnichannel capabilities while offering options for simple self-service.

  • True Omnichannel Customer Experience

Connect and engage with your customers on any channel they choose – voice, email, web chat, SMS, social, video, co-browse, and more – But true omnichannel is about more than simply offering these channel options. It means providing SLAs, queuing, real-time monitoring, and cross-channel management and reporting. It means providing agents with a dedicated desktop that integrates all channels and interactions – for a consistent and measurable customer and agent experience.

  • Unified Conversations and Digital Messaging

A customer’s conversation with your brand is rarely a single path. It might start with a bot, move to agent-assisted chat, continue the next day via a phone call and co-browse to fill out a form, and finish with sending in some supporting documents via email. Make sure the context from the entire journey is captured, leveraged, and shared for a CX that is seamless, consistent, and effective.

The cross-channel customer experience can also cross messaging platforms like:

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. WhatsApp
  3. WeChat, and more

With Unified Digital Messaging, agents and customers enjoy a continuous conversation across messaging platforms for a truly seamless experience.

  • Social Customer Care

Effective Social Care can provide insights into customer sentiment and valuable feedback on products and services, as well as offering customers a channel for communications that is quickly becoming a preferred method of contact. Enable social care teams to monitor and escalate social posts to the contact center with messaging and listening for:


  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. YouTube
  6. Yelp, and more

Social Care ensures a continuous experience across all channels in your contact center and across your organization.

  • Co-Browse CX Engagements

Co-browse enables real-time, secure collaboration between customers and agents. Navigate the web together – follow your customer or let your customer allow you to guide them. Enhance engagements with easier guidance and better support by working together to fill in forms, change settings, purchase items, and more.

  • Personalized and Proactive Customer Experience

With rich context at their fingertips – for all channels and conversations – agents can humanize the customer experience for deeper connections that foster greater customer loyalty.

Personalization doesn’t just mean knowing the customer’s name when they reach out – it’s having an understanding of their history, it’s being able to read or listen to previous conversations, it’s being able to predict with confidence what they are likely to call about next, and it’s about knowing their preferences and patterns engaging with your brand.

  • Self-service and Human Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chat bots optimize customer experience and self-service, quickly answering routine questions and assisting with simple transactions. For more complicated engagements requiring a human touch, customers need agents to be experts – knowledgeable and ready to solve issues that have escalated in complexity.

Our technology makes sure that the handoff from bot to agent is seamless – with the full bot transcript presented with the escalation, enabling the human agent to easily take over from where the bot left off. When done right, bots support not just a great customer experience, but an agent one too.

  • The Channel-less Digital Experience

Delivering on the omnichannel promise means ensuring a singularly exceptional customer experience across any channel – providing easy resolution whether it’s a phone call, email, chat or SMS, Co-browse, social, messaging or a new channel in the future.

Give your customers omnichannel convenience and improve business outcomes including:

  1. Increase Customer Choice
  2. Report on Customer Activity Across All Channels
  3. Flexibility to Easily Add Channels

Insight Services

Insight helps maximize the value of the solution. The Insight Professional Services team sets you up for solution success by working with you every step of the way. Whether it’s an assessment of your current environment or supporting your post-implementation, our contact center experts are here to provide guidance and creative solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

  • Consulting

We have experienced team to transform existing contact center operation to Omnichannel contact center implementation maintaining the following guiding factors:

  1. Minimum Impact on Business:
  2. In-parallel Transition of Multiple Streams
  3. Collaborative Transition Governance
  4. Knowledge Retention
  5. Phased approach with phase end review (Toll gates defined for Check & Balance)

We would like to apply our transition framework which is an effective transition and sustenance methodology. It is a Systematic, Measurable, Proactive, Participative and Exhaustive in nature.  While the transition framework would remain the same, we would customize the processes to cater to specific needs of our customers.

  • Solutions

Our Omnichannel contact center management solution is an enterprise product which is flexible to integrate to the existing software components and infrastructure at customer’s site. We consider the following during our solution implementation:


  1. Enterprise architecture service transition
  2. Deployment Roadmap
  3. Identification of the integration points
  4. Active-Active Roadmap
  5. Benchmarking sizing
  6. BCP/DR Roadmap

  • Project Management

We always Adoptgood project management practices for Implementation of the Omnichannel Contact center Solution and delivery of associated managed services using a well-defined project lifecycle and methodology. We Adopt and implement any of the industry standard project management methodologies throughput of implementation.

We prepare a detailed project proposal and obtain approval from customer prior to commencement for each of the transitional projects and transformation projects.

Our integrated project management framework is described as follows:

  • Implementation

Our implementation process is guided by following framework:

  • Assessment Phase (Pre-Transition)
    1. Pre-KT overview
    2. Deep Dive
    3. Play Back
  • Service Transition Phase (Transition)
    1. Initiation (Planning Phase)
    2. Knowledge Absorption (Learning Phase)
    3. Knowledge Replication (Shadow and Reverse Shadow)
    4. Observation (Stabilizing Phase)
  • Steady State Phase (Post-Transition)
  • Operations

All the phases of our transition and transformation methodologies  are defined using the ETVX model. The ETVX model is based on:

  1. The Entry criteria, which must be satisfied before a set of tasks can be performed
  2. The Tasks that should be performed
  3. Verification and Validation process to ensure that the right tasks are performed
  4. The eXit criteria or the output of the tasks

It is important to religiously implement ETVX model will ensure successful completion of transition and implementation. The following diagram shows at broad level ETVX criteria for the each of the following Phases.

  • Training

We are organizing training in the following manner for the smooth transition of the system.

  1. Classroom Sessions: This is a traditional tool used by us to share the knowledge on the application and processes to guide and support our customers. There are multiple examples where we have used this tool successfully and in fact this is quite effective with the right intent.
  2. One-to-one interactions: This is a traditional tool used where various teams have one-to-one interactions with the corresponding counter-part to guide the process, environment and application at a detailed level. This would also involve detailed walkthrough of specific item.
  3. Video Recordings: When there is significantly large team, it is recommended to record the training session so that later on it can be used for imparting knowledge to the other team members and also induction of people in the operation team at a later date.
  4. WebEx Sessions: Through the help of WebEx sessions, the training process can give a good understanding of the process and its real-time applicability.
  5. Hands-on Sessions: We will work on live issues based on troubleshooting, application nuances and other exception handling processes on each application. Customer will provide assistance for occurring any  such instances.
  6. Play back Sessions: Customer will present us its understanding while using the solution.

  • Support

Our implementation support along its duration is based on the warranty period in agreement with the customer.

  • Managed Services

Our integrated approach for managed services is given as follows:

We execute Managed services in a framework driven approach. We divide the processes and operations into different tracks and sub-tracks as per the business processes of our customers. Our team hierarchy focuses into the different sub-tracks, tracks and then overall operation, based on their skills and expertise. Our complete managed service operation is executed as per ITIL process and SLAs in agreement with the customer.

Our product cluster to support contact center

Our Cloud based product cluster is segregated into following functional and Technical structures:

  • Collaboration
    1. Call track
    2. Chat
    3. Virtual Assistant
    4. Click to Call
    5. Co-browse
    6. Mail
    7. Messaging hub
    8. Notify
    9. Offers
    10. Social

  • Knowledge + Artificial Intelligence
    1. Virtual Assistant for Agents
    2. Knowledge + AI
    3. Self-Service + AI
    4. Self Advisor

  • Insight
    1. Analytics
    2. IVR Analytics

  • Services
    1. Consulting

  • Connectors
    1. For Amazon Connect
    2. Analytics for Amazon Connect
    3. Avaya
    4. Cisco
    5. Salesforce
    6. Apple Business Chat
    7. Mobile

Tested domain of our solution

  • Contact Center
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Service
  • Helpdesk
  • IT
  • Marketing

Application areas of our solutions

  • Contact Center
  • eCommerce
  • eService
  • Helpdesk
  • IT
  • Marketing

Salient Technical Features of our solution

  • Knowledge+ AI:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being leveraged by KM systems in customer service to find answers to customer questions, guide processes and help in decision-making electronic data

  • Digital Customer Experience (DX):

It includes:

  1. Unified auto chat, video, voice, and co-browse capabilities.
  2. Proactive, dynamic and contextual offers for assistance and knowledge.
  3. Effective management of large volumes of inbound web forms, email interactions, faxes, and SMS.
  4. Enabling users to offer options to mobile users through existing or new apps on the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Digital Transformation in Customer Service: It includes the balance the Agent, Business and Customers. This platform ensures that common knowledge, context, and analytics are served to all channels serving consumers—from social, mobile, Web, to contact center—for consistent, connected experiences.
  • Integrated, omnichannel customer engagement from the cloud
  • Fault tolerant customer service:
    1. It ensures customer service through the use of Virtual Assistants or Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence. Data and analytics provide insights into customer behavior and service gaps.
    2. Use data adapters to integrate customer service solution with the other systems—data, CRM, legacy to leverage them to provide the best service.

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