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Day 1

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module – I (RPA Introduction)
  • What is RPA?
  • How RPA does it?
  • Processes Suitable for RPA
  • RPA Market Size and Growth
  • Introduction of different RPA tools
Module – I (RPA
  • Benefits of RPA
  • Use Cases
Module – II (UiPath
  • UiPath Software
  • Installation of UI Path & The User Interface
  • Updating UiPath Studio
  • Installing the Chrome Extension & Firefox
    Extension for UiPath Studio
  • Connecting to a Source Control
Module – II (UiPath
State Machines
Module – II (UiPath
  • Activity and Managing Packages

Day 2

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module – II (UiPath
  1. Practical examples on Sequences/flowchart and
    State Machines
Module – II (UiPath
  1. Project must be Reliable, Efficient, Maintainable
    and Extensible
  2. Consider an appropriate layer for each workflow
  3. Use exceptional handling
  4. Reusing workflow within and across projects
  5. Keeping environment settings in a dedicated file
  6. Main tool for breaking up a workflow into smaller

Day 3

Day 4

Lesson/Training Activity
(include breaks)
Module – III (UI Automation ) UI Automation

  1. About UI Elements
  2. UI Activities Properties
  3. Input Methods
  4. Output Methods (Screen Scraping)
  5. Relative Scraping
Module – III (UI Automation ) Selectors

  1. About Selectors
  2. Selectors with Wildcards
  3. Full Versus Partial Selectors
  4. UiPath Explorer
Module – III (UI Automation ) UI Automation

  1. Mouse. Keyboard. Find. Control.
  2. Element Triggers. Image Triggers. System
Module – III (UI Automation ) Screen Scraping

  1. Full Text. Visible Text. OCR
  2. Structured (Tabular) Data Scraping
Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module – IV (Programming
and Data
Data Types & Variables

  1. Scalar
  2. Arrays and Collections
  3. User Defined, Libraries
  4. Managing Variables
  5. Naming Best Practices
  6. The Variables Panel
Module – IV (Programming
and Data
Arguments & Namespaces

  1. Managing Arguments
  2. The Arguments Panel
  3. Using Arguments
Module – IV (Programming
and Data
Control Flows

  1. Control Flow Activities

Day 5

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module – IV (Programming
and Data
Overview of Click and Type actions

  1. Learn three types of Input method for click
    and type actions
  2. Simulate ,SendWindowMessage,Default

Exploring Compatibility

  1. Working with Background
  2. Working with speed
  3. Working with Hotkey Support
  4. Working with Auto Empty Field
Module – IV (Programming
and Data
Working with various types of Selectors

  1. Partial
  2. Full

Overview of dynamic Selector with practical’s

  1. Learn to use wild cards
  2. Learn how to make selector stable

Partial Vs Full Selector in depth

  • Understanding the Full Selector
  1. Contains all information of UiElement
    from top level to bottom level
  2. It shows the hierarchy form parent
    information to itself
  3. Recommended when switching between
    multiple windows
  • Understanding the Partial Selector
  1. Recommended when performing
    multiple actions in the same window
  2. It only gives the information of

Day 6

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module – IV (Programming
and Data
Error Handling & Debugging

  1. Try-Catch
  2. Debugging a Workflow
Module – V (Image and Text
Automation )
Control Flows

  1. Virtual Machine / Citrix Environment
  2. Mouse and Keyboard Activities
  3. Text, OCR and Image Activities

Day 7

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module-V (Image and Text
Defining Recording Sequence

  • Automatic and Manual Recording
  • Working with various types of Recording
    • Basic
    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Citrix

Interrogating Basic and desktop Applications

  • Understanding the Base Application
    • Working with Selectors
  • How to create a control

Day 8

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module-VI (Debugging UiPath
Robotics Projects
Configuring and Using UiPath Studio Runtime

  • Overview of Configuration Project Item
  • How to Create and Modify Configuration Project
  • How to Create and Modify Project Item Profiles
Module-VI (Debugging UiPath
Robotics Projects
Debugging UiPath Robotics Projects

  • Overview of the UiPath Robotics Debugging
  • Working with Breakpoints
    • How to run a Project with Breakpoints
    • Working with the Breakpoint Window
  • How to add Breakpoints and Step Into a Project
  • Working with Automation Locals and Watches
  • How to use Automation Locals and Automation

    • Working with Threads

UiPath Studio Diagnostics Publishers

  • Overview of Application Diagnostic Settings
  • Working with Log Categories and Settings
  • Working with Diagnostic Publisher
    • How to use Event Log Publisher
    • How to use Output window Publisher
    • How to use Tracing Options
  • How to Enable Publishing to Output Windows
  • Working with LogBeforeExecution and

Day 9

Lesson/Training Activity Notes/Topics
Module-VI (Building and
Deploying UiPath Studio Projects)
Building and Deploying UiPath Studio Projects

  • Overview of Project Properties
    • Solution Configuration
    • Project Json File
  • Overview of Release Package
  • How to Deploy a Project
    • How to test in UiPath Studio
    • How to Deploy Package Files
    • Working with the UiRobot

    How to create Deployment Package

Package Version

  • Learn to update a Package after Running.

Day 10

Module-VI (Orchestrator) Orchestrator

  • Control Center
  • Robots and Environments
  • Processes and Packages
  • Jobs and Schedules
  • Queues and Transactions
  • Assets, Alerts, Audit, Logs

Deploying Solution

  • How to set up UI Robot in System
    • How to Launch UI Robot Runtime
  • Working with Orchestrator