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The way that expert consultants are deployed

and provided are changing.

Insight Connect has developed the leading network of Independent Consultants, Work Permit Employees, a pool of liquid workforce and partnered network of niche software consulting firms to provide affordable and right priced consultants at the time you require and possibly on demand.

We continuously engage with our clients and connect with the talent pool to effectively deploy consultants based on their expertise and demand from our clients and prospects.

We can effectively source and provide the highest calibre individuals from the world’s leading countries like India, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey which are known for cost effective resources.

We have expertise and when relied on a proactive basis, we rarely fail to engage a team of consultants on an interim basis or with view to engage them for the project duration. Once back in the talent pool we actively seek the next suitable engagement after their experience is enriched with the previous engagement.

Consultants are met, assessed and referenced and can be deployed in standalone roles or as part of wider teams to provide significant value, flexibly and to an exceptional level of quality to answer today’s most pressing business challenges.

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