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Business Process Optimization In Financial Service

BFSI Customer- Singapore

Solution space – Business process optimization and statistical modeling

  • Mapping of Business process to IT applications considering multiple improvements indicators
  • Capture credit research, news and price history of the bonds and provide those to accredited investors.
  • Statistical Analysis to evaluate and invest in bonds.
  • Accuracy and unbiased nature of the prices is displayed by using multiple input sources and Human intervention.
  • Preloaded with 5 most recent 750 Million or more issuances and last benchmark issues by a company in India, China, CNY, SGD, MENA, Korea
  • User can easily search for new bonds and also create his personal portfolio including daily change in total value using criteria like Country of risk, yield, maturity

Technology used for solution

Java/J2EE,ActiveMQ,R algorithms,Bootstrap,Hibernate,MySQL,DynamoDB,Cassandra