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Payroll Processing


  •  The Government organization is using Legacy Payroll application developed by IT wing of the Federal Government. The application was developed with out Employee Loans and Claims Module
  • Loan and Claim details are maintained in another Legacy application offered by the same IT wing of the Federal Govt.
  • The solution follows three steps approval before Payroll is authorized. At the first level data is entered by Payroll Clerk which is approved by the personnel manager before finally getting approved by Finance Department.
  • The entire process of approval was time consuming and prone to typographical errors
  • The Govt. Organization replaced the cumbersome data entry and approval mechanism through RPA with water tight Audit trail mechanism


  • Employee Loans and claim details were calculated outside in a legacy system and fed manually to the Payroll System every month before Payroll processing
  • Time consuming data entry jobs which is prone to errors
  • Time consuming approval process where data entry errors are overlooked
  • Manual printing of payslips and distribution to employees
  • No bulk upload facility to update Employee details and pay structure (Annual Activity)


  • Complete Elimination of Data Entry in Payroll Application
  • Automated Exception handling
  • Drastic Reduction in Processing Time
  • Electronic Pay slips to employees
  • Non invasive integration with Legacy Application

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